SEFTON LSCB Safeguarding Policies and Procedures Online Manual

    15.10 Cross Border Working

    Last updated 12/11/2018

    Where there is an allegation which involves the co-ordination of cross border communication and activities, there should be clear identification of a single lead Designated Officer (DO) who is responsible for ensuring matters are appropriately investigated In the absence of regional protocol, the following should considered:

    • In the first instance this should be the Designated Officer (DO) in the area where the most organisational risk from the alleged perpetrator’s employment exists. This would usually be where the person is currently working.

    • Where there exists reasonable grounds to recognise that the effective management of an individual case may be undertaken by a Designated Officer (DO) located in another Local Authority e.g. potentially where an allegation happened on a trip but the adult and child are both from a different LA area, then a discussion should be instigated between Designated Officers with clear agreement reached and recorded


    • Where such agreement cannot be reached, the Designated Officer (DO) where the allegation took place should escalate to senior management for a higher level cross county discussion to take place and agreement to be made. Cases, including those which are non- recent, must not be left without Designated Officer oversight.