SEFTON LSCB Safeguarding Policies and Procedures Online Manual

    15.11 Retention of Records & Quality Assurance

    Last updated 12/11/2018

    This policy has been drawn up by the North West Designated Officer’s Group to provide guidance to Designated Officer’s (DO’s) and other agencies around the retention of information that is collated by Designated Officers.

    The purpose of this guidance is to ensure that agencies are fully aware of what information will be retained, for what purpose and for how long.

    Prior to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, there was no National Government Guidance in place to advise Designated Officer’s around how long information should be retained.

    The guidance from the Independent Inquiry advises all organisations to retain any and all documents, notes, e mails and all other information - however held – which contains or may contain content pertaining directly or indirectly to the sexual abuse of children or to child protection care, (children relates to any person under the age of 18).

    When a case is closed by the Designated Officer, a review date should be recorded 10 years for the date of closure.

    For cases that are unsubstantiated & substantiated, at the time of case closure, the date at which the alleged perpetrator turns 100 years old should be recorded as the date of review.

    Cases that are reviewed and a rational is provided to retain information, a new date should be recorded as to when the case should be reviewed again.


    Quality Assurance

    The work of the Designated Officer should be audited and quality assured. There is a peer audit tool that the National Designated Officer Network Group developed. This audit is intended to be used as a tool to enable peer audit of the statutory Designated Officer function. The audit will cover a strategic overview, operational function; data collection and case file standards.