SEFTON LSCB Safeguarding Policies and Procedures Online Manual

    15.2 Using the Guidance

    Last updated 12/11/2018

      Target Audience

    This guidance is intended for all employers providing services to children and young people; it relates to all adults working with children and young people, whether in a paid or voluntary position. It is intended to assist organisations with the management of allegations against staff.

    It is not possible within a single document to differentiate between the many different providers of services to children and their related professional languages. Individual organisations or professions, therefore, may need to adapt the terminology used when applying this guidance to their own circumstances. A list of definitions used in this guidance is contained in Appendix 1: Definitions.

      Key Roles

    Working Together identified three key roles essential to an effective process for managing allegations: the Named Senior Officer (NSO), the Designated Officer for the Local Authority (DO) and the Senior Manager (SM).

    Named Senior Officer (NSO)

    All LSCB member organisations should have a named senior officer with overall responsibility for:

    • Ensuring that their organisation operates procedures for dealing with allegations;
    • Resolving any inter-agency issues; and
    • Liaising with the LSCB on the subject.

    This role relates to the management and oversight of individual cases.

    The Designated Officer for the Local Authority should:

    • Provide advice and guidance to employers and voluntary organisations;
    • Liaise with the police; and
    • Monitor the progress of all cases to ensure that they are dealt with as quickly and consistently as possible through the use of a fair and thorough process.

    Senior Manager within the Organisation (SM)

    The Senior Manager within the organisation is the senior person to whom all allegations or concerns are reported and has overall responsibility for:

    • Ensuring procedures are properly applied and implemented; and
    • Providing advice, information and guidance for staff within the organisation.
    It is critical that the relationship between the Designated Officer for the Local Authority (DO) and the Senior Manager is clear to all LSCB member organisations. The Designated Officer for the Local Authority (DO) should act independently of any organisation involved in the allegation concerned.