SEFTON LSCB Safeguarding Policies and Procedures Online Manual

    12.4 Process

    Last updated 18/05/2017

    12.4.1 Information Processing and Sharing within MAPPA

    All relevant information will be extracted from any electronic and physical data systems within RA and DtC agencies.

    Most information will be shared at MAPPA meetings where individual offenders are being discussed. Invitations to meetings will include sufficient detail to enable the subject(s) being considered at the meeting to be identified. MAPPA meetings will be formally minuted and all resulting documentation appropriately protected using the Government Security Classification Scheme (GSCS).

    Information may also be shared using MAPPA documentation, at meetings of professionals, at core group meetings and in ad hoc interactions. Meetings and interactions must either be formally minuted or recorded in case management systems. Where an agency declines to disclose information this should also be recorded.

    12.4.2 Disclosure of Information to Third parties outside MAPPA

    Information about a specific offender may be disclosed to a third party not involved in MAPPA as part of a Risk Management Plan (RMP) or under The Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme or Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme.

    For the purposes of this agreement, information-sharing is the sharing of information between the agencies involved in MAPPA, whereas disclosure is the necessary sharing of specific information about a MAPPA offender with a third party, not involved in MAPPA, for the purpose of protecting the public. Disclosure must comply with the instructions set out in the MAPPA Guidance.