SEFTON LSCB Safeguarding Policies and Procedures Online Manual

    17.3 Recording & Complaints

    Last updated 18/05/2017

    Records of discussions must be maintained by all the agencies involved throughout each stage of the process. The timescales within the flowchart (17.4) must be adhered to. 


    1. Each agency’s individual complaints process applies where organisations have a general concern / representation or have a concern in respect of the service that is separate to this procedure.
    2. Where a concern / complaint in respect of a disagreement over the handling of concerns reported to Children’s Social Care by another agency is received by the Children's Social Care complaints team, the complaints manager will contact the LSCB Business Manager to ascertain if the matter is being dealt with under this procedure. Where the issue meets the necessary criteria, it should be dealt with under this procedure.
    3. Where the agency is unhappy with the outcome following this procedure, formal representation can be made to the Children’s Social Care complaints process where such criterion is met.

    Whilst the resolution process is being implemented, the agency with concerns should maintain contact with the family and monitor the situation wherever possible.