SEFTON LSCB Safeguarding Policies and Procedures Online Manual

    18.3 Referral and Intervention Processes

    Last updated 18/05/2017

    The referral pathway for Sefton Local Authority is through MASH (Children), Adult Safeguarding Team (Adults).

    Follow the link below to familiarise yourself with the CHANNEL process:

    Staff working with children or adults at risk should use this model to assist them in responding to concerns about children or adults at risk who may be vulnerable to being drawn into violent extremist activity.

    Any member of staff who identifies such concerns, for example as a result of observed behaviour or reports of conversations to suggest the child or adult supports terrorism and/or violent extremism, must report these concerns to the named or designated safeguarding professional in their organisation or agency, who will consider what further action is required. See also Section 6, Understanding and Recognising Risks and Vulnerability of Radicalisation.

    The named or designated safeguarding professional will consider if the individual fits the CHANNEL criteria (see Guidance) if YES, then a referral to MASH or Adult Safeguarding Team must be made. If advice and guidance is required then advice should be sought from the identified points of contact within this guidance.

    When a CHANNEL referral is received by the Local Authority the details are logged on Liquid Logic and the referral will be brought to the attention of the relevant on duty Social Worker who will further consider the concerns identified within the referral. If it is assessed that the referral fits the CHANNEL criteria any further information (current /previous intervention and support) relevant to the matter will be added and it will then be forwarded to the CHANNEL Team at Merseyside Police Headquarters.

    If a referral is received by the Local Authority in relation to other safeguarding issues and the Local Authority believes, based on the information contained within, that it may fit the CHANNEL criteria, they will bring it to the attention of the relevant on duty social worker to consider its suitability for CHANNEL. If deemed eligible the above referral process will apply.