SEFTON SCP Safeguarding Policies and Procedures Online Manual

    10.2.2 Multi Agency Child Exploitation Panel (MACE)

    Last updated 12/11/2018

    Multi Agency Child Exploitation Panel (MACE)

    The purpose of MACE is to: (1) co-ordinate actions to support children and young people identified as being involved in criminality, (2) identify those who are at risk of becoming involved in criminality, (3) identify those individuals who are at risk of being exploited by such activity, and; (4) take action to prevent them from doing so.

    This will be done via a multi-agency Child Exploitation Panel that aims to:

    • Reduce the use of firearms and the number of firearm discharges in Sefton
    • Divert Children and those at risk of being involved in criminality back into education, or on to employment, training and effective diversionary programs
    • Minimise the risk of harm to the general public, partner agencies, the children themselves, their associates and their family members
    • Protect children, young people and the vulnerable
    • Reduce victimisation
    • Maximise opportunities to reassure the public in relation to serious and organised crime, gang crime, firearms and associated criminality
    • Share information to increase safety, health and wellbeing in Sefton
    • Improve agency accountability
    • Offer services which provide support to individuals and their families which address the reasons behind their offending behaviour

    The principles that govern this process are to:

    • Identify who may pose a risk of harm or exploitation
    • Share relevant information about them
    • Assess the nature and extent of that risk
    • Find ways to manage the risk effectively, protecting victims and reducing further harm or exploitation

    The agencies who attend MACE are as follows:

    • Sefton Anti-Social Behaviour Unit (ASBU)
    • Integrated Youth Services (YOT and Targeted Youth Prevention)
    • Children’s Services
    • Named Nurse Safeguarding Children
    • NHS
    • RASA
    • National Probation Service
    • Merseyside Police
    • Connexions
    • Turnaround Families
    • Education Welfare and Attendance
    • Catch 22

    Agencies currently involved with the young person or agencies who have previously worked with the family and have appropriate contributions to make will be invited to attend.

    The MACE does not take over the responsibility of the case. This remains with the case manager or original Referrer.