SEFTON SCP Safeguarding Policies and Procedures Online Manual

    10.4. Other Support

    Last updated 12/11/2018

    Other Support

    Youth Offending Service

    Young people who enter the youth justice system are thoroughly assessed and risk management is escalated where there are concerns around criminal exploitation and involvement in gangs. Partners will be invited to attend the Risk Management Panel for each young person where there are risks and vulnerabilities known or suspected. Young people are treated as young people first and their safeguarding needs are paramount as well as the duty to protect the public.

    YOT manage a risk register for those with increased risk of offending, at risk of causing serious harm or are at risk of being harmed and are therefore vulnerable. Where it is appropriate, specific interventions will be implemented with the young person as part of their plan.

    Examples of these interventions are:

    • My knife story” DVD “
    • Stabbed the truth Behind Knife Crime, documentary
    • Unity Theatre – The Y Project – An Anti-youth violence, gun and knife crime resource (DVD)
    • Bite the Bullet – Weapons and Gangs
    • YouTube – Various clips – Adult Hood/Kid Hood full programmes
    • YouTube – Various clips – Panama Guns and Gangs on our streets
    • IMPACT RESOURCE: Effective Practice manuals
    • Crime Challenging Thinking Programme 1 & 2
    • Weapon & Gang Programme
    • MINDSET Tackling Offending Programme
    • Violence in Prison Programme
    • Peer Pressure Programme

    Targeted Youth Prevention

    TYP delivers ‘Stay Safe’ group based programmes with girls which supports them to make positive choices and understand healthy relationships. For girls, especially or those who are associated with gangs, TYP will receive referrals from the Early Help Gateway and other services who identify this risk. TYP will also deliver specific programmes of 1-2-1 work with young people who at risk of criminal exploitation and gang involvement.

    The Youth Bus is deployed to areas where there are reports of anti-social behaviour and crime to offer positive diversionary activities for young people. Workers engage with young people who may be at risk of exploitation by other young people.


    Within Sefton MASH - a health representative (Safeguarding Children Specialist Nurse - SCSN) collates all health information in relation to a child referred into MASH. This information is shared with partner agencies as part of the MASH process. The SCSN has clinical oversight with regards to the child's health information.

    This information is collated from 7 health providers.

    Health practitioners from School Health Service will provide information with regards to:

    • The child's health
    • Immunisations status
    • Urgent care attendance (Walk in Centres / Accident and Emergency Departments) which can be significant regarding unexplained injuries, self-harm and emotional/ physical well- being.

    If there have been recent or historical referrals to Child Health and Adolescent Services, a history of substance misuse, referral to Community Paediatrician or health appointments with community/ acute services, the School Nurse will provide relevant information in relation to any known diagnosis if the information is contained within the child health records.

    The Safeguarding Children Specialist Nurse (SCSN) will feed back to the School Nurse and if there are specific health needs identified the School Health Service may refer the child to the appropriate services for intervention.

    LAC Child:

    If the child is looked after in Sefton the School Health Service will complete the child's Review Health Assessment (RHA) from which a Health Action plan will be formulated to meet the health needs of the child.

    If the child is 16 - 18 years old and is looked after the child will have an identified LAC Link Nurse employed by the Trust. The child's LAC RHA will be completed by the LAC Link Nurse.

    A YOS Link Nurse is responsible for completing an assessment when a young person is subject to an order. Case managers can refer the child to YOS Link nurse for assessment to meet the child's health needs.

    Named Nurse Safeguarding Children attends Sefton MARSOC and MACE and acts as a conduit with regards to the collation of health information to share at the Multi-Agency meeting and in turn provide feedback to the appropriate health practitioner.

    Catch22 Pan Merseyside Criminal Exploitation Service 

    Catch22 provide one to one support for young people who are at risk of, or are already, being criminally exploited. Support is offered on both a short and long term basis aiming to help the young person cope with their situation and hopefully leading to them moving on and regaining control of their life again.

    Young people will be provided with specialist interventions aimed at raising the awareness of CE such as: 

    • Signs and indicators
    • Push and pull factors
    • Vulnerability factors
    • Stereotypes
    • Grooming
    • Gang ID
    • Consequences

    Diversion strategies to assist young people to exit a gang and no longer be a victim of Criminal Exploitation will also be discussed.

    Catch22 are also commissioned to deliver pan Merseyside group work which includes targeted and preventative work, bespoke training to professionals and parents and outreach work in the community to increase the awareness of Criminal Exploitation.

    Catch22 also offers consultations to professionals and parents to assist them with referrals, pathways and reporting concerns and can offer resources for young people and families.

    HM Prison & Probation Service (HMPPS)

    HMPPS can offer guidance on working with care leavers who because of their vulnerability can be a target for exploitation.

    Recent research shows that the number of Youth Offending Service transition cases receiving custodial sentences is over representative. The risk is that these young people become institutionalised at a young age and that the custody environment enhances criminal associates across the country.