SEFTON SCP Safeguarding Policies and Procedures Online Manual

    15.10 Allegation Management Strategy Meeting

    Last updated 21/10/2021

    Where an allegation management strategy meeting is convened in response to an allegation, this will occur within 5 working days of referral to LADO. The meeting will be coordinated and chaired by the LADO. Attendees must have already provided any information they hold including: any previous concerns, training, DBS number and date check undertaken, employment history, incident reports, etc.

    All those invited to the allegation management strategy meeting will receive minutes, which will carry a reference to confidentially.

    The Allegation Management Strategy Meeting must:

    • Share all relevant information;
    • Consider the current allegation or concern and review any previous allegations or concerns made against the member of staff and/or the establishment;
    • Decide whether there must be a S.47 enquiry / criminal investigation (if not already commenced);
    • Scope and plan any s.47 enquiry / criminal investigation (if not already commenced);
    • Allocate tasks agreeing any further action with timescales required and who is responsible;
    • Identify who may need to be interviewed e.g. witnesses, staff, children – and who will do this: decide who to inform and when (subject of allegations, child, parents);
    • Make recommendations regarding immediate suspension without prejudice or other restrictions of duties, disciplinary, competency, regulatory or complaints procedures;
    • Agree criteria for a re-referral where new evidence comes to light suggesting that a further allegations management strategy meeting should be convened;
    • Agree arrangements for the outcome of any internal process to be reported to the LADO;
    • Set a date for a review allegations management strategy meeting that must occur, wherever possible, within 28 daysof an initial allegations management strategy meeting.