SEFTON SCP Safeguarding Policies and Procedures Online Manual

    15.12 Review Allegation Management Strategy Meeting

    Last updated 21/10/2021

    The time taken to investigate and resolve individual cases depends on a variety of factors, including the nature, seriousness, and complexity of the allegations. However, it is in everyone's interest to resolve cases as quickly as possible, consistent with a fair and thorough investigation. Every effort must be made to manage cases in order to avoid unnecessary delay. Individual agencies must ensure that they have in place the appropriate monitoring and review mechanisms to do this. The LADO will monitor and record timescales in respect of all cases and liaise with Senior Managers and appropriate bodies in the event of delay.

    The review allegation management strategy meeting will draw together all relevant information following the completion of enquiries by Children's Services, the Police and any other agency (as appropriate) and make multi-agency decisions about any further action to be taken in the case, including timescales for completion

    Where difficulties have been encountered by investigative agencies the review will also provide an opportunity to clarify what these are, to identify solutions, make further plans and agree timescales.  If enquiries take longer than the initial four-week period, then the case will be reviewed at appropriate intervals agreed in the allegation management review strategy meeting.

    The LADO will monitor the progress of cases either via:

    • Review Allegation Management discussions/meetings; or
    • By liaising with the Police, Children's Social Care, employers, and regulatory bodies/inspectorates as appropriate.