SEFTON SCP Safeguarding Policies and Procedures Online Manual

    15.3 Responding to an Allegation

    Last updated 21/10/2021

    Agencies covered by these multi-agency procedures must have in place their own policies, procedures and guidance relating to the conduct of their employees which are compliant with these procedures.

    Historical allegations must be responded to in the same way as contemporary concerns if the person continues to be employed. It is important to establish if the person is still working with children and, if so, inform the current employer.

    There are a number of sources from which an allegation may arise, such as a child, parent, carer, member of the public, work colleague, professional body.

    The person to whom the allegation is reported initially must:

    • Treat the matter seriously;
    • If the allegations are so serious that there is an immediate risk to the child or young person then a referral must be made to MASH followed by a referral form to the LADO;
    • Avoid asking leading questions and keep an open mind;
    • Make a written record of the information (where possible in the person’s own words) including:
    • What is alleged to have happened;
    • When the alleged incident took place (time and date);
    • Where the alleged incident took place;
    • Who was present (including any witnesses);
    • Sign and date the written record;
    • Report the matter immediately to their line manager, who completes the allegations Referral Form for consideration by the organisation's named senior person for managing allegations.

    The employer, or any organisation who identifies an allegation regarding someone in the children’s workforce, must inform the LADO within 24 hours of an allegation being made.