SEFTON SCP Safeguarding Policies and Procedures Online Manual

    15.8 Restrictions on Identifying Teachers Against Whom Allegations of Criminal Misconduct Have Been Made

    Last updated 21/10/2021

    With effect from 1 October 2012, the Education Act 2011 introduced reporting restrictions preventing the publication of any material that may lead to the identification of a teacher who has been accused by, or on behalf of, a pupil from the same school (where that identification would identify the teacher as the subject of the allegation). The reporting restrictions apply until the point that the accused person is charged with an offence, or until the Secretary of State or the General Teaching Council for Wales publishes information about an investigation or decision in a disciplinary case arising from the allegation. The reporting restrictions also cease to apply if the individual to whom the restrictions apply effectively waives their right to anonymity by going public themselves or by giving their written consent for another to do so or if a judge lifts restrictions in response to a request to do so. Breaching the reporting restrictions is a criminal offence.

    The case manager should take advice from the LADO, police and children's social care to agree the following:

    • Who needs to know and, importantly, exactly what information can be shared;
    • How to manage speculation, leaks and gossip;
    • What, if any information can be reasonably given to the wider community to reduce speculation; and
    • How to manage press interest if and when it should arise.

    (Note that this provision applies only to teachers, not to other staff in education settings).