SEFTON SCP Safeguarding Policies and Procedures Online Manual

    19.12 Information Sharing

    Last updated 23/09/2021

    Professionals in all agencies should be confident and competent in sharing information in line with the Sefton Child Protection Procedures.

    Professionals should make all efforts to share information, where appropriate, with other professionals to avoid repetition for children.

    Where a professional suspects that a child may have been trafficked and/or is at risk of being trafficked, discussing concerns with the child and his/her family or carer and seeking consent to share information will place the child at increased risk of significant harm. Consent should therefore not be sought.

    Professionals should talk to their agency’s nominated Safeguarding adviser, if possible, and share information with (make a referral to) LA children’s Social Care in line with section 7. Children at risk of / or experiencing significant harm.

    All agencies are empowered to share information without permission for the purpose of crime prevention under section 115 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998.