SEFTON SCP Safeguarding Policies and Procedures Online Manual

    19.13 Role of Local Safeguarding Children Boards

    Last updated 23/09/2021

    The objective of Local Safeguarding Children Boards (LSCBs) is to co-ordinate what is done by their members to safeguard and promote the welfare of children in the local area and to ensure the effectiveness of that work. That includes addressing trafficking as well as other forms of maltreatment.

    Mapping need: LSCBs should consider whether children are being trafficked into or out of their local area. Where necessary, LSCBs should undertake investigations to identify what may be a hidden problem as part of the local needs assessment and, as appropriate, make action to address this an explicit part of the LSCB business plan (which may in turn be part of the Children and Young People’s Plan).

    Promoting prevention: LSCBs should maintain close links with community groups and have a strategy in place for promoting awareness within the local community of the possibility that children are trafficked and exploited, and how to raise a concern. This may include public awareness work. The LSCB may publicise sources of help for child victims.