SEFTON SCP Safeguarding Policies and Procedures Online Manual

    19.3 Principles

    Last updated 23/09/2021

    The following principles should be adopted by all agencies in relation to identifying and responding to children (and unborn children) at risk of or having been trafficked:

    • Trafficking causes significant harm to children in both the short and long term; it constitutes physical and emotional abuse to children;
    • The safety and welfare of the child is paramount (i.e. the nationality or immigration status of the child is secondary and should be addressed only after the child’s safety is assured);
    • Trafficked children are provided with the same standard of care that is available to any other child in the UK;
    • All decisions or plans for the child/ren should be based on good quality assessments and supported by easily accessible multi-agency services; and

    All agencies should work in partnership local communities, to empower individuals and groups to develop support networks and education programmes.