SEFTON SCP Safeguarding Policies and Procedures Online Manual

    22.10 Prohibition and Disqualification

    Last updated 23/09/2021

    A decision can be made to prohibit the proposed private foster carer from fostering on the basis that they are not suitable and/or the premises are unsuitable.

    The fact that a private Foster Carer is a Disqualified Person (Foster Carer) is a good reason upon which to seek a prohibition.

    The Service Manager, is responsible for determining if there are reasons for prohibition or disqualification based on Private Fostering national Minimum Standards.

    Where the social worker considers that it would be appropriate to approve a foster carer despite the fact that he or she or a person in the household is disqualified, a written report must be presented to the service manager for their consideration.

    Where a decision is made to prohibit a private foster carer from caring for a child, reasons for the decision must be recorded by Service Manager.  Written notice of the decision, together with the reasons, must be sent by hand or recorded delivery post to the private foster carer and to the parent by the social worker responsible for the assessment.  All of this documentation must be recorded on the record of the adult who has been prohibited from being private foster carer.  The private foster carer will also be advised of their right to appeal against the decision to the Magistrates' Court.

    Discussion should also take place with the parent as to the making of alternative arrangements for the child.