SEFTON SCP Safeguarding Policies and Procedures Online Manual

    22.4 Action to be Taken on Receipt of Notification

    Last updated 23/09/2021

    When notification or information is received from any source that a child is privately fostered, this information must be passed to Sefton MASH.

    A social worker will be allocated to carry out the following initial tasks within one week of the notification:

    1. Visit the private foster carers in the home where the child is to live and speak to them and all members of the household;
    2. Visit and speak to the child alone, unless the social worker considers it inappropriate to do so;
    3. Speak to and if possible visit the parents;
    4. Ensure that the purpose and likely duration of the private fostering arrangement is understood by and agreed between the parents and the private foster carers;
    5. Ascertain the wishes and feelings of the child about the private fostering arrangement;
    6. Check the suitability of the accommodation, the capacity of the private foster carer to look after the child, the suitability of other members of the private foster carer's household;
    7. Ensure that the parents are involved in planning for the child and explore whether the child's needs may be more appropriately met by providing services to the child and parent at home;
    8. Encourage the parents to draw up a written agreement (it may be helpful to use a Placement Information Record or equivalent LAC documentation as a guide) with the private foster carers as to their respective expectations and responsibilities in relation to the fostering arrangement including giving written consent for medical treatment, financial arrangements and the child's contact with his or her parents and other significant family members;
    9. Where the child has already been placed, ensure that the child has been registered with a G.P and dentist, that their development in all aspects is satisfactory, that the standard of care being given to the child is appropriate and that the child's needs arising from his or her religious persuasion, racial origin and cultural and linguistic background are being met;
    10. Where the child has already been placed, check that the financial matters are in order and the contact arrangements are working;
    11. Notify the relevant health and education agencies of the child's placement or proposed placement including the health visiting service where appropriate;
    12. Ensure that any necessary links are or will be established with other agencies for example because of the child's disabilities and/or special educational needs;
    13. Enter the child and the private foster carer's details onto the child’s record.
    14. Determination of the private fostering arrangement needs to be communicated to referring agency (if referrer is an agency).