SEFTON SCP Safeguarding Policies and Procedures Online Manual

    3.11 The Outcome of a Referral and Feedback

    Last updated 12/11/2018

    The Children’s Social Care Services team will decide upon and record their next steps of action within one working day of receiving a referral. 

    The decision about future action will take account of any discussion with the referrer, consideration of information held in existing records and information sharing between professionals in MASH.  Information is shared confidentially by all professionals who form part of MASH.  This information is not shared outside of MASH without the consent of parents.  (Unless the concerns warrant a Section 47 enquiry) 

    The initial disposal of a Referral, which must be authorised by the manager, may be:

    1. The threshold criteria for social care intervention is not met, which will result in one of the following: the provision of information, advice, sign-posting to another single agency, redirection to early help gateway or no further action;
    2. Threshold criteria is met under s17 Children Act, and Children’s Social Care Services will commence a C&F Assessment;
    3. That it is suspected that the child is suffering or is likely to suffer from Significant Harm, MASH will commence a C&F assessment, hold a strategy meeting to consider threshold for Section 47 Enquiry. As part of this process the child will be visited within 24 hours.

    Where the significant harm has been caused by a person who was not previously known to the child or by another child, the decision whether to take further action under these procedures will depend on the following:

    • Is the alleged perpetrator likely to pose a risk of significant harm to this or any other children?
    • Did the parent or carer by omission or commission contribute to the abuse?

    The responsible manager is required to inform any professional referrer of the outcome of their referral including where no further action is to be taken within one working day. 

     If the referrer has not received an acknowledgement within 3 working days, he/she should contact the manager in the Children’s Social Care team.

    In the case of a referral by a member of the public, appropriate feedback should be given at the point of referral in a way which will respect the confidentiality of the child.